flashback friday #1 – 2nd grade school photo


I have seen this feature around the internet a lot lately and thought I would join in!

steph in 2nd grade

Here I am in second grade. My mom styled my hair this way (yes, the bangs too…) but I chose my shirt – it was my favorite at the time. It was purple with a koala in a tree and vines around it. My mom vocalized her disappointment when I chose it because there was two smallish holes in it caused by a button that I wore constantly. I got my way but not with a lot of arguing. “But maaa-ummm!” And the holes are barely visit in the picture anyway. I would say this is my last school picture where I would call myself cute. Kindergarten thru 2nd grade, I was freaking adorable! The remaining 10 years of school pictures were super nerdy and awkward. Lots of hair problems plus ugly glasses and braces. Oh geez…