a Christmas on 35mm film


I took my new Diana F+ mini with me on my Christmas holiday to Montana in hopes of capturing candid family photos on film, just like the photos my mom has at my age. They look like they’re having fun and didn’t have time to stop and pose.

But, the ones that actually turned out were indeed all posed pictures. The candid ones were either blurry, or dark, or didn’t look good to me for whatever reason. It’s obvious I still need practice with indoor photos.

double exposure - Christmas morning

This picture is my favorite. I accidently double exposed it as it was the last frame on the film. One is a posed picture and the other isn’t with a beautiful stream of Christmas tree lights. I love it.

Action shot - Throwing cousins on the couch

This was my best action shot. My older cousins were taking turns throwing the little cousins on the couch. Tthey loved it. As you see in my cousins face here.

Land scape/outside - Peir on lake and mountains behind

On our way from one Uncle’s house to another on Christmas Day, we were asked to grab some vodka. The only place that was open was a little local tavern. While my uncle ran in, my aunt and I ran across the street and trespassed onto some lady’s property (that was inside her house near a window but didn’t see us) and ran onto her small dock to snap a few pictures of Flathead Lake. Because we jumped out of the car in a panic, when we go to the dock, I didn’t think to adjust my shutter and/or aperature before snapping pictures so these photos got way too much light.

Lighting issue - burrly and not enough

To be honest, I’m not even sure what I did wrong here. This was right in the middle of a strand okay pictures. Although I kinda like it.

Overall, being in Montana for 9 days was too many. I love and enjoy my family’s company but there was a point where I didn’t want to be there any more. I wanted to sleep in my bed, lounge on my couch, watch my television. The flight from Denver to Missoula is only 1 hr and 45 mins so I am eager to fly up there for 3 day weekends more often instead of one 9-day trip in almost 2 years.

Also, we went skiing and I filmed one of my runs. It’s almost 9 minutes long so I want to cut it down before I show it you. I haven’t been skiing in years and I felt like it came back pretty quickly. Like riding a bike.


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  1. Kristie Bringhurst

    I have a Diana Mini and I can never get indoor pictures to come out right. I feel your pain. Wah wah.

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