Happy New Year!


I got back from Montana a few days ago. I took almost 5 rolls of 35mm film while I was there. I am so excited to get those developed and show them to you!

I usually don’t do New Year’s Resolutions but I would like to set some goals for myself instead. Here’s a list of goals I’d like to accomplish for 2012:

  1. Blog more – I don’t blog regularly or often and I’d like to change that. I’d like to get on a schedule and stick to it. I have a moleskin laying around that I’m going to turn it into my blog post ideas book. Last year I posted 111 entries and I’d like to surpass that this year.
  2. Exercise regularly – Before I started my new job {oh ya! I got a job!! More on that later}, I exercised 3 days a week and went to a yoga class one day a week. Since starting work, I love sleep too much to exercise in the morning and too tired and hungry to exercise at night. But I got to fit it in there somewhere. Not to mention that my back has been killing me daily, and exercise will help that. I haven’t felt 100% since the accident and I’d like for that chapter in my life to be over with (it’s been over a year now…).
  3. Cook and Bake more – I cook sometimes and I bake even less. I’d like to get in the habit of cooking meals more regularly and trying new recipes at that. Baking takes me a long time because I’m slow and precise but before anything is even in the oven, my back hurts. Which leads me back to goal #2.
  4. New blog design from scratch – I feel like I understand HTML pretty well and CSS only enough to make things look nice. But I’d love to learn how to create code from nothing.
  5. Visit family & friends – Last year, I didn’t really visit anyone. We stayed with Ryan’s parents for those two months during the summer before moving to Denver, but I wouldn’t call that a visit, more like an extended stay. I did drive to Las Vegas to spend time with my Aunts and cousin for a girls weekend. But I think that’s it. Oh, I almost forget I spent last week in Montana. So that’s 2 trips to my family and 1 to Ryan’s. I don’t think that’s enough. More trips!

Here is a picture I snapped with my phone while I was out skiing with the family. Here is my cousin and me on the chair lift.

Skiing with Cousin in Montana


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