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google analytics overview graph

I love data. I enjoy scouring Google Analytics and not to over analyze the number of readers I may or may not have but I like to look at graphs and percentages and pie charts, and interpret what they mean for me and my blog and my readers. Here are some numbers for 2011 (although not really since I only installed Analytics in June of last year).


google analytics location country


  • United States 64.01%
  • Canada 4.44%
  • United Kingdom 4.11%
  • less than 2% for the remaining countries


  • Seattle, WA 8.01% (my hometown-ish)
  • Orange Park, FL 4.84% (Ryan’s family-ish)
  • Glendale, CA 2.87% (where we lived for 3 years before Denver)


google analytics behavior new vs returning

New Vs. Returning:

  • 71.92% New Visitors
  • 28.08% Returning Visitors


google analytics technical screen resolution

Operating System:

  • Windows 55.23%
  • Mac 26.94%
  • Linux 10.28%
  • Mobile 7.48%
  • Playstation 3 (WTF?) .07%


  • Mozilla/Firefox 36.69%
  • Chrome 25.91%
  • Safari 20.30%
  • Internet Explorer** 14.26%

Traffic Sources//

google analytics traffic sources overview


Search Keywords: growling steph, interesting tattoo, yann black, post secret, barcelona album, game of thrones chart, books of adam, 30 days of lists

What do your numbers look like?


**If I know you personally and you’re using IE, please tell me and I will help wash away your sins.

5 thoughts on “last year in Google Analytics

  1. haha steph. I love this post. i was just looking at my analytics and saw that people had clicked through to our blog from yours. I love seeing where people come from too, especially where people live in the world. I find that fascinating!

  2. Anonymous

    Haha, ‘wash away your sins’, too funny! I’m glad 30 Days of Lists was one of the top search keywords leading to your blog :) We’ll be back this March with the next round of lists, hope you decide to join again!

  3. cameronpluswhitney

    Hahaha the PS3 one….I definitely don’t use mine to browse blogs and such….maybe I’m using it wrong.

    Looks like Whitney and I have generated some traffic your way!

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