Denver Comic Con, part 1


When I found out that there was a comic con in Denver I knew I was going! If it was anything like the San Diego Comic Con, I was in! This was Denver’s first comic con so I knew it couldn’t possibly live up to San Diego’s (although I’m sure that would be true if it was Denver’s 20th) but if it was even a miniature version, I knew I would love it.

This passed weekend the Comic Con finally arrived and I was so happy!

The first thing about Denver’s Convention Center that is unique is the 40 foot blue bear peaking inside the windows looking in the window. He’s so cute!

denver convention center bear
denver convention center bear

Of course it had all of the quarky and fun things the other cons have:

The best cosplay all year.
denver comic con cosplay

Interesting toys.
dinopopper pigpopper

A lot of sweaty nerds jam packed in one place.
denver comic con exhibitors

Favorite characters from tv shows– Jasika Nicole from Fringe and Colin Ferguson from Eureka.
denver comic con jasika nicole
denver comic con colin ferguson

We got through the entire thing in 2 hours so it was literally the tiny version of comic con but it had the they vibe and enthuseam that I was expecting. I hope they can make it bigger and better next year.

In part 2, I talk about art and artists and I discovered on Comic Con.


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