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Denver Comic Con, part 2

Checkout part 1 here.

I would say that my favorite part of the convention is walking through the artist alleys and find awesome artists to follow. Here are a few that I love!

Katie Cook (blog/shop)

She is the nicest person ever! At the convention, she sold mini paintings, and she even did custom mini paintings. Without hesitation, I asked her to paint Alice. I follow her on twitter, and it turns out she’s funny, too! My kind of artist.

Daniel & Dawna of Steam Crow (site/store)

I met Daniel at the convention. He was very proud of his designs, and he should be. One of the favorites is the “Viking on a Narwhal” (inspired by Game of Thrones). Unfortunately, he didn’t have it in the postcard sizes. I really love his style.

Elisabeth Holmes of The Naughty Rabbit (shop)

This girl is around my age, and she had a brillant idea to create popular fiction characters into rabbits, inspired by her own pet rabbit at home. I thought it was genius! I wish there was more work in her shop, but she told me that school is ruling her life right now. I hope she is able to add more over the summer.

The Naughty Rabbit
The Naughty Rabbit

Monocle Mustache Project (kickstarter)

This thing is amazing! It makes me laugh everytime I put it on. And others around me too.

Mustache Monocle
Steph wearing monocle mustache

Honorable mentions

Fiction Character Caricatures
Fez-o-Rama Fez hats

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