An Ode to the Broken


In all of the ways you failed, or someone failed you, you have learned a lesson. Good or bad.

A good lesson is learning to do something right after you’ve done it wrong.

A bad lesson is learning that someone can leave you, without thinking twice. My therapist says I have an abandonment sensitivity. Sounds a little made up, but I can’t disagree with her.

I’ve learned so many lessons about others and about myself. I have experienced a lot of failure. It has changed me. I’m more wise but also less resilient that my younger self.

My younger self says “Go for it! You can do it!” My current self says “Don’t risk it. You’ll get hurt AGAIN.”

And maybe you’re thinking the same thing. So we just look at each other, say nothing.

You’ll never know that the way that I’m broken and the way you’re broken actually fit together.