What Lifts You


I was inspired by this art piece found at the Avanti Food and Beverage here in Denver. It did not take me long to know with absolute certainty what lifts me — friendships.

Friends are family that choose to stick around. They don’t have to listen to my bullshit, or console me when my grandma died, or tell me for the 100th time that my brows look great. But they do. They are there every time I ask them to be, and vice versa. I feel strength in the vulnerability.

After we trade sad stories, disappointments, and hardships, that’s when the fun starts! We can move on from those negative things and have a great time. We can laugh and joke and feel great about ourselves and each other.

Spending time with friends makes me feel rejuvenated, and if it’s in a beautiful place or with delicious food and drinks — all the better!

Here are a few shots from vacations with friends recently…