Kitty Close Ups


I can’t remember if I introduced you to the newest addition to our family, Henry. We got him back in June — I can’t believe it’s been that long! He was 6 weeks when we brought him home so that would make him 5 or 6 months old now. He is incredibly sweet and loves to cuddle. Basically the opposite of Alice. He sleeps on my face which I like and dislike. It’s hard to push a soft furry ball away. Here are some pictures I took of them yesterday.
Henry's Whiskers
Henry's Whiskers 2
Henry Sleeping
Henry Sleeping 2
Henry's Fluffy Tail
Alice's Close Up

Denver Comic Con, part 2


Checkout part 1 here.

I would say that my favorite part of the convention is walking through the artist alleys and find awesome artists to follow. Here are a few that I love!

Katie Cook (blog/shop)

She is the nicest person ever! At the convention, she sold mini paintings, and she even did custom mini paintings. Without hesitation, I asked her to paint Alice. I follow her on twitter, and it turns out she’s funny, too! My kind of artist.

Daniel & Dawna of Steam Crow (site/store)

I met Daniel at the convention. He was very proud of his designs, and he should be. One of the favorites is the “Viking on a Narwhal” (inspired by Game of Thrones). Unfortunately, he didn’t have it in the postcard sizes. I really love his style.

Elisabeth Holmes of The Naughty Rabbit (shop)

This girl is around my age, and she had a brillant idea to create popular fiction characters into rabbits, inspired by her own pet rabbit at home. I thought it was genius! I wish there was more work in her shop, but she told me that school is ruling her life right now. I hope she is able to add more over the summer.

The Naughty Rabbit
The Naughty Rabbit

Monocle Mustache Project (kickstarter)

This thing is amazing! It makes me laugh everytime I put it on. And others around me too.

Mustache Monocle
Steph wearing monocle mustache

Honorable mentions

Fiction Character Caricatures
Fez-o-Rama Fez hats

Shepard Fairey at the Black Book Gallery


shepard fairey black book gallery

One of my favorite things to do in L.A. was visit art galleries. Gallery 1988 had amazing artists and theme shows every month. We were quite obsessed with them before we left. That sort of gallery appeals to me greatly because they fill a niche of good but inexpensive art for our generation.

shepard fairey black book gallery

Friday was the first time we have visited an art gallery in Denver since we’ve been here — I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year. One of our favorite artists, Shepard Fairey, was showing new art at the Black Book Gallery.

shepard fairey black book gallery
shepard fairey black book gallery
shepard fairey black book gallery
shepard fairey black book gallery
shepard fairey black book gallery

Shepard Fairey shared the show with Jim Houser and Even Hecox. Hecox may be a new favorite of mine (first picture).
evan hecox black book gallery
jim houser black book

Denver Comic Con, part 1


When I found out that there was a comic con in Denver I knew I was going! If it was anything like the San Diego Comic Con, I was in! This was Denver’s first comic con so I knew it couldn’t possibly live up to San Diego’s (although I’m sure that would be true if it was Denver’s 20th) but if it was even a miniature version, I knew I would love it.

This passed weekend the Comic Con finally arrived and I was so happy!

The first thing about Denver’s Convention Center that is unique is the 40 foot blue bear peaking inside the windows looking in the window. He’s so cute!

denver convention center bear
denver convention center bear

Of course it had all of the quarky and fun things the other cons have:

The best cosplay all year.
denver comic con cosplay

Interesting toys.
dinopopper pigpopper

A lot of sweaty nerds jam packed in one place.
denver comic con exhibitors

Favorite characters from tv shows– Jasika Nicole from Fringe and Colin Ferguson from Eureka.
denver comic con jasika nicole
denver comic con colin ferguson

We got through the entire thing in 2 hours so it was literally the tiny version of comic con but it had the they vibe and enthuseam that I was expecting. I hope they can make it bigger and better next year.

In part 2, I talk about art and artists and I discovered on Comic Con.