winner, winner chicken dinner!


minipenny book giveaway

I definitely have my favorite blogs that I religiously follow and I love it when they have giveaways because it confirms my belief that I follow genuine, smart and generous bloggers. I can’t wait when the time comes for me to host my own giveaways.

Firstly, Chaplinn over at had a book giveaway for the DIY Guide to Pin Hole Cameras Book. I am excited to be creative and make my own pin hole. Not only did I get the book, but it came in cool light blue denim paper. I still haven’t opened it because I don’t want to tear it. Super thanks to Chaplinn for having this giveaway!

Screenshot-MINI PENNY: Giveaway -- Pinhole Cameras DIY Guide

Pinhole Cameras: A DIY Guide

Secondly, Ellie over at hosted a RAD giveaway with PUBLIC bikes giving away their awesome bike accessories. I have been drooling over a particular bike for months so this only pushes me to get it sooner.

public bike crate

public bikes light

public bikes bell

Happy Monday everyone!!