monthly recap: December


December was an insanely busy month for me. I really didn’t even want to think about it until I looked back on my December photos and remembered a few pleasant things that happened last month.

First of December, packages started arriving in the mail…I didn’t have time to put on shoes! Present!
package waiting to be snatched upbare foot prints in snow

I bought my first pair of snow boots. Anytime I came across snow before, I had to barrow someone’s old, worn in, straight out of the 70s boots with odd length shoes laces. And trust me, the length of shoes laces matter. Size matters.
first pair of real snow boots

What was the first thing I do in these boots? I shoveled snow for the first time. Sweating in 20 degree weather doesn’t feel right.
snowy, snowy pathshoveled path

Ryan let me open my Christmas present early. I know my finger isn’t on the shutter button this is THE moment it came out of the box. Pre-instructions knowledge.
christmas present - lomo camera

I walked to the park with my new shiny camera and took pictures. Although this was a quick shot with my phone. You can check out pictures I took with this camera here and here.
washinginton park in Denver

Instead of a tree, we had a Christmas nook.
Christmas nook

I am happy to announce that I got a job!! I work at Ryan’s office; his boss offered me an assistant/office manager position. I like that we have a lot of lunches together and go visit him whenever want. It’s lovely. And we carpool, which is amazing because we currently only have one car. Here is the view from my room.
view from Denver office

For the first Christmas ever, I mailed out holiday cards. I bought them from Wit & Whistle. It was cute with an Owl on a tree and said “hoo hoo hoo”. Anyway…they were a hit.
Christmas cards

Right before I left, I visited the salon. I love my hairstylist and salon. No after pictures, but hey, you know what I look like.
at the salon

I packed the best rolly of my life. I fit so much crap into my new pretty carry on! I wanted to take to make a list but found time didn’t allow. But it would have won awards.
packed rolly

The morning of my flight, I woke up at 4am, to walk into a fresh 8 inches of snow to the bus stop.
tracks in 8 inches of snow to bus stop

Later that day, I flew in a 13 row plane to Missoula Montana where I sat in a window seat with a piece of garbage window. It made for a shitty picture. Exhibit A:
view from tiny plane

When I arrived, my aunt made fresh almost roca and I got to devour the crumbs. Best part of my trip.
home made almond roca crumbs

Lastly, I enjoyed my charismatic nephew playing (sort of) the piano.
nephew playing


tis the season for a color change


We’re heading into Fall and this is around the time I change my hair color. Here’s the colors my hair has been so far:

Winter 2010 – Teal faded into Mint Green

Spring 2011 – Plum Purple faded back to Green after the first time then Blue

Summer 2011 – Pink

I created a gif with colors that I like. What color(s) do you like?

Monthly Recap: May


Wow! I’m trying to think of everything that happened in May and it was quite a lot! Oh boy….

May 4th, I got the news that the place I work went bankrupt. They filed for chapter 7 and I had one hour to collect my things and get out. Such a weird feeling. I mostly enjoyed my job working in e-commerce, more than any other job I’ve ever had. And letting it go without any control over it was really strange. Since my accident on December 19th, I haven’t been working full time and lately, I’d only been working 12 hours a week, so going from 12 hours to 0 hours wasn’t really a huge adjustment. But it’s strange knowing that I can’t go back. After that, many, many hours of resume creation/editing ensued followed by half hearted job hunting. I wish I was creative and could make something amazing and not have to go to work. I want my home to be my workplace. Sigh…

On a more positive note, with all my free time, May was a huge beauty month for me. I’m not really into dressing up or putting on make up or doing my hair but because I have the time, why not? I have painted and repainted by nails at least once a week. Redyed my hair the pinkest I could possible get it. I bought a curling iron and curled my hair! Took the time to put on make-up more than a couple times. I think I’m liking it more and more. Eeek! In the top left picture, I used Sally Hansen Salon Effects and used the OPI Black Shatter on top of pink and teal polish to achieve the other looks.

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