Monthly Recap: May


Wow! I’m trying to think of everything that happened in May and it was quite a lot! Oh boy….

May 4th, I got the news that the place I work went bankrupt. They filed for chapter 7 and I had one hour to collect my things and get out. Such a weird feeling. I mostly enjoyed my job working in e-commerce, more than any other job I’ve ever had. And letting it go without any control over it was really strange. Since my accident on December 19th, I haven’t been working full time and lately, I’d only been working 12 hours a week, so going from 12 hours to 0 hours wasn’t really a huge adjustment. But it’s strange knowing that I can’t go back. After that, many, many hours of resume creation/editing ensued followed by half hearted job hunting. I wish I was creative and could make something amazing and not have to go to work. I want my home to be my workplace. Sigh…

On a more positive note, with all my free time, May was a huge beauty month for me. I’m not really into dressing up or putting on make up or doing my hair but because I have the time, why not? I have painted and repainted by nails at least once a week. Redyed my hair the pinkest I could possible get it. I bought a curling iron and curled my hair! Took the time to put on make-up more than a couple times. I think I’m liking it more and more. Eeek! In the top left picture, I used Sally Hansen Salon Effects and used the OPI Black Shatter on top of pink and teal polish to achieve the other looks.

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