30 Days of Lists – A Few of My Favorite Things


30 Days of Lists

Day 18: A Few of My Favorite Things

This list is somewhat hard to populate because we’ve already done a few lists full of my favorite things but here are some things you don’t know:

  1. Birds. I have a huge infatuation for birds but not necessarily the live and breathing type. I love cartoons and jewelry and paintings and everything. And owls are my favorite! Here are just two things I have in my kitchen, Owl and Birdhouse salt and pepper shakers.
    owl and birdhouse (that I recently got as a gift!) salt and pepper shakers
  2. Pie crust. I recently made cookies from pie crust and they were pretty good. Next time I’ll do a few things different to make them better.
  3. Shoes. I have a shoe addiction. Last year I got rid of 14 pairs of shoes and I still have about 30 or more in my closet. And I want more.
  4. Massages. Almost a year ago I got a membership and I have never looked back. I get at least one once a month and I love it. It’s something I do for me. And it helps relieve some pain since my car accident.
  5. lindt toffee crunchCandy. Perhaps, my two ultimate favorites are Caramellos and Lindt’s Toffe Crunch. Unfortunately, the I haven’t seen the latter for sale anywhere in 2 years.
  6. Sleeping. I love it oh so much! If I don’t get at least 8-9 hours a night, I am one cranky girl. I usually get to bed with plenty of time to get my beauty sleep.

I forgot to tell you guys that I got my hair cut and dyed last week, but you probably spotted it in my last post. I went to a salon to get my brown redone and my hair cut. Apparently the last person to cut my hair didn’t do a very good job and she had to cut it a little shorter than I prefer but I think it looks okay. I did the purple and pink on my own. I wanted more of a faded, hombre affect but I’m pretty excited about how it turned out anyway.

steph's pink and purple hair

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Monthly Recap: April


Spring is here! In Los Angeles, Spring is the best because it’s warm and beautiful, and the flowers really open up to make everything look colorful and lush. As soon as get into Summer, I don’t notice any of these things because being outside is like torture. I go from our semi-cool apartment to the car where I blast the A/C on super-max-mighty coldest of colds and back.

The first week of April, my sister came down to visit to celebrate her 16th birthday, March 27th. She has grown up to be a beautiful girl but to be completely honest, we just don’t get along. I don’t if it’s the 11 year age gap or the opposite personalities but whatever it is, that’s a whole other story. We ran around and did a lot of things like had some amazing Thai food, checked out the Hollywood sign, shopped, watched lots of TV (what else do teenagers do?) and other random things. We also got together with our older brother, DJ, in Montana and did some web chatting. It was a long and exhausting week. From there, the rest of the month flew by…

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