My First Big Crochet Project: Chevron Blanket


I started this blanket February 4th and finished it last night — which is about 5 weeks. I feel really proud of myself for following this all the way through. I’m notorious for starting something and not finishing it. I made this blanket for my friend Rosa and I think it helped that it was for another person. It kept me motivated. I used this pattern — except bigger — and it’s so easy and goes by pretty quickly.

I am really excited to have it done, but I’m already planning a blanket for my Grandma for her 90th birthday next month. I haven’t even bought the yarn yet but I have just under 6 weeks so I think I’ll make it.

I made a couple of other things I want to show you as well and I’ll post about them a little later. Happy Weekend!


crochet corner


When I’m not submitting resumes, out to lunch with Ryan, or watching old seasons of Project Runway, I am learning to crochet. The wonderful Dana over at CraftyMinx has been teaching Crochet School.

So far, I have successfully made a stitch swatch made from 6 crochet stitches we were taught – chain stitch, single stitch, half-double stitch, double stitch, treble stitch, and double treble stitch. It sounds like a lot but she does video tutorials and is very articulate.

I can see where I made a few mistakes and it bugs me but I love the yellow and brown-taupe color I chose for this project.

I have already downloaded 20 or so patterns for things I want to make. I am extremely excited to learn how to read patterns.

If crochet is something you want to learn, then here is your chance!