Adventures in Zip lining!


I did something today that I never do: drag myself out of bed at 5:30 in the morning. But it was for a great reason! To go zip lining! It was Ryan’s Mom’s idea (she’s awesome like that) for us to go zip lining the next time she came to visit. Sometime later, we found a great deal on Groupon for the Royal Gorge Zip Line Tours. The Royal Gorge is about two hours away and we had to be there at 9am, so early rising was a must. And I don’t regret. It was a BLAST! Here are a few pictures I took during the tour.

Beautiful zipline scenary
zipline linda steph ryan
zip line tied
zipline ryan linda

Aaaannnd! For those who don’t follow me on instagram (IG name is growlingsteph), let me introduce my new ‘do! I went for it and did the whole thing PINK!

royal gorge steph

This picture was taken at the Royal Gorge near The Royal Gorge Bridge. What a disappoint that was. It is known as the second (first highest until 2001) highest bridge in the world. Unfortunately, you have to pay to even get near it, or even get a good look at it. They have these really ugly big-enough buildings right in front of it, so unless you want to pay to walk/drive on it, seeing it is out of the question. There is a “Royal Bridge Viewpoint” but unless you can see around corners, it’s not really a viewpoint.

All in all, it was a great day, and I would love to zip line again! We heard there is a good one in Durango. I wonder how far away that is….


animal shelter visit


I have been planting this seed — not so abviously — in Ryan’s brain that we need another cat in our life. When we left for work the other morning, Alice sat in the window and watched us go. Ryan said “Maybe she is lonely when we’re at work…” Victory #1!. Yesterday, I mentioned going to an animal shelter and he didn’t fight me. Victory #2! I think it’s gonna happen.

shaved kittyshaved kitty

This one was really hamming it up. I think she really wants to be adopted. Per our vet’s recommendation, we are looking for a young male kitten. But this one was tempting. Look at that tail!!

I love Alice to death but she needs a playmate and I need an animal that won’t get mad when I want to give her snuggles. Wish me luck!


Boulder, Co


I have only been to Boulder a handful of times. My first time, in 2008, I traveled with Ryan and Z-Trip for a show at Fox Theater for my birthday. Ryan flew me out to spend time with him since my birthday conflicted with the tour schedule. Sweetest guy on the planet, right?

Fox Theater in Boulder with Ztrip
Fox Theater in Boulder with Ztrip

Yesterday was my first day actually exploring Boulder and seeing what’s really there. Our friends picked us up and took us to this really neat coffee shop, Boxcar Coffee Roasters. First, they roast all of their coffee in-house. Then, they grind the coffee per order and then heat it up using lab beakers and burners. Lastly, they service it to you on a bamboo platter.

Boxcar in-house roaster, Boulder, CO
Boxcar espress so machine, Boulder, CO
Boxcar grind coffee per cup, Boulder, Co
Boxcar make cups of coffee with lab beakers and burners, Boulder, CO
Boxcar cup of coffee served on a bamboo platter, Boulder, CO

After that, we wondered around downtown and did some window shopping. I was a good girl and didn’t buy anything. Except a latte from Boxcar.

owl mug and salt & pepper shakers

Lastly, our friends took us to a yummy restaurant called The Kitchen. I enjoyed the French Toast with pecan and caramel sauce. Yum!

Pecan Caramel French Toast at The Kitchen in Boulder, Co

Just as we were leaving town, I snapped this picture.

Mountian and sky horizon in Boulder, Co

30 Days of Lists – If I Won the Lottery


30 Days of Lists

Day 23: If I Won the Lottery

  1. I would pay off my debt.
  2. I would buy my mom a house.
  3. I would buy my brother a house.
  4. I would buy myself a house.
  5. I would have my schooling fully paid for.
  6. I would create my dream space.
  7. I would eat at the most amazing (and expensive) restaurant and not worry about the check.
  8. Donate to a charity. Not sure which but I would research that.
  9. I would see family more by flying to see them and vice versa.
  10. I would travel to places I’ve never been.

Over the weekend, Ryan and I were taken to downtown Denver to walk around by some friends. We went to the the Tattered Cover book store where I bought my first high altitude cookbook. We also visited the I heart Denver store where they have an amazing variety by local artists. Ryan bought a cutest needle felting kit of an owl. I will let you know how it comes out.

downtown denver
downtown denver union station

here are some adorable crochet scarves I spotted at I heart Denver.
i heart denver