Happy Halloween!


I hope everyone had a party filled weekend and will have a candy filled evening tonight.

I wish I could say that I have a collection or even a single photo of myself dressed up. But I don’t. I can only remember 2 Halloweens vaguely and one Halloween specifically. To tell you of the latter, I dress up as Cleopatra and my mom put fake eyelashes on me and loads of makeup. My mom drove my brother and me all around the “nice” neighborhoods and we filled our pillow cases at least halfway. After a little while, it started to rain – as expected in Washington – and my make up was smeared all over my face. There is a picture of it somewhere…and I was smiling ear to ear.

For the last ten years, I haven’t really made a real go of it. I am just not a Halloween girl. I can’t watch scary movies, I don’t like strangers coming to my house, our porch lights are never on (Halloween or otherwise), and I hate putting up temporary decorations. Call me a poor sport or lame or what have you but that’s just me. The only Halloween exception is that I love candy. I could eat loads and loads of it.

Ryan and I have a friend that loves Halloween more than life itself and for her, I made these.

needlefelted pumpkins for Halloween
needlefelted jack 'o lanterns for Halloween

I bought orange wool from Fancy Tiger – a crafter’s dream, BTW – and with a single needle, I sculpted them into these cute jack ‘o lanterns. The smallest little pumpkin has had 2 other faces since then. I keep redoing it but I’ve given up. Right now he’s sporting a odd looking mustache with a round nose.

Since this is our first year in our new place, we’re not sure how many trick-or-treaters we’ll have, so we’re still debating whether to buy candy or not.

UPDATE: We did indeed turn on our porch lights and hand out candy. We had approximately 33 trick-or-treaters. I say approximately because there was one very greedy bunch that took handfuls so I was busy being a candy regulator to count heads.