An Ode to the Broken


In all of the ways you failed, or someone failed you, you have learned a lesson.

A good lesson is learning to do something right after you’ve done it wrong.

A bad lesson is learning that someone can leave you, without thinking twice. My therapist says I have an abandonment sensitivity. Sounds a little made up, but I can’t disagree with her.

I’ve learned so many lessons about others and about myself. I have experienced a lot of failure. It has changed me. I’m more wise but also less resilient than my younger self.

My younger self says “Go for it! You can do it!” My current self says “Don’t risk it. You’ll get hurt AGAIN.”

And maybe you’re thinking the same thing. So we just look at each other, and say nothing.

You’ll never know- the way I’m broken and the way you’re broken actually fit together.

2017 – The Year of Intentions


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2016 was spent just letting life happen. It sounds free spirited and somewhat whimsical. But it didn’t feel like that. It felt depressing and stressful and tiring. I wasn’t in control. Instead of turning a car on a dime, I was turning a ship in the empty sea. It moved so slowly that, half way through, I forgot where I was headed.

2017 will be different. I aim to live with intention, and do everything on purpose with purpose. I didn’t make any lists or specific resolutions for this year, but, at the end of this year, I want to feel proud and happy. And maybe blog a little more. Maybe.

With that said, this list posted to instagram was made for me:

Best Brunch in Denver


I get a lot of inquiries for food recommendations. I love food. Now, I love food. I didn’t used to care. At all. After moving to L.A., my friend was visiting and she wanted Thai. I cringed inside. I didn’t know Thai food. I was positive I wouldn’t like Thai food. After some persuasive arguments, I gave it shot. From there, I’ve slowly but surely fallen in love food. While I still classify myself as a “picky eater”, I’m more open to try to new things and new restaurants.

When I moved to Denver, I immediately sought out replacements for my favorite L.A. spots. And I found many. I want to mention that this is not a healthy list, a vegan list, or in anyway a list directed towards a certain diet. These are places I like to go, and food I like to eat.

Today, I bring you– Best Brunch/Breakfast in Denver.

Lucile’s – I love this place for its atmosphere, food, coffee, and breakfast cocktails. Let’s start with the atmosphere– the style and food has a southern, New Orleans feel and as soon as I step into this place, I am transported. For breakfast, my favorites are– 1. Biscuits and Gravy. I dare say, the best in Denver. 2. Pain Perdu. While this is just a fancy word for french toast, the dish is delicious but I warn you, it is quite sweet. I recommend it as a side to share. 3. Benedict. They have a variety, and while I’ve only tried a couple, they all sound mouth-watering. My favorite location is the one on Logan and Alameda but their new location on Evans has a much shorter wait time. My favorite breakfast cocktail is the apple cider mimosa. Just order it, trust me ;)

Denver Biscuit Company – I feel in love with their biscuits before I even had a bite. They look like picture and taste exactly as expected– fluffy but dense and buttery. My favorite item to order is The Franklin. As described on their website– Buttermilk fried chicken, Tender Belly ham, cheddar cheese & local Colorado honey butter. Just typing that makes my mouth water. Their cinnamon roll is the best appetizer to share with a group of four. I also recommend The Elmer (10- hour-smoked pulled pork, BBQ sauce, fried onions, coleslaw & housemade pickles).

Bacon Social House – This place is a little off the beaten path and slightly hard to find. This restaurant is located in The Highlands, and down an alley. Once you find, you’ll be so excited you did. Their Boozy French Toast and a flight of bacon is my favorite breakfast here. The Fried Chicken and Waffles is also great! And of course, my forever favorite breakfast food, biscuits and gravy, is not bad either.

DJ’s Cafe – I have only ever ordered one thing from here and I can’t get myself to try anything else. It’s the New Mexico Benedict. They sub out the peppers for avocados, free of charge. Everyone I’ve ever brought there loves it as well, so their other food must be good, too. The Bellini is the perfect breakfast cocktail. They have two locations, my favorite is the one on Lincoln and 9th.