Spring is here: Planting Succulents


Succulents and Cactus Planter
Ryan and I bought a house super recently, and we’re finally all moved in. We still have a lot of unpacking to do, but my first order of business? Planting flowers!

We went to Home Depot and I picked out a cactus with a pink blossom on top, and a few succulents to go around it inside a planter. It’s pretty low key, but it’s really all I could muster at this point.

We’ve been packing and moving all week, with the bulk of it on Wednesday. So. Much. Work. Everything hurt when I woke up on Thursday, and I still had to go back to the old place to clean up and pack up the car with stuff we couldn’t (wouldn’t?) get into the moving truck the night before.

Here is what I have included in my cute little planter:
Vera Higgins
Vera Higgins Succulent Plant
Elephant Bush or Spekboom
Elephant Bush Succulent Plant
Red-headed Irishman Cactus
Red-Headed Irishman Cactus Plant
Baby Toes
Baby Toes Succulent Plant
Chalk Fingers or Mini Blue
Chalk Fingers Succulent Plant
Echveria Hybrid “Sleepy”
Echeveria Succulent Plant

The Baby Toes are my favorite! I am extremely happy with the results, although I hope they grow into each a bit more.

I hope to show you more pictures of the house, and of course ‘before and after’ photos of everything. Can’t wait!

Monthly Recap: April


Spring is here! In Los Angeles, Spring is the best because it’s warm and beautiful, and the flowers really open up to make everything look colorful and lush. As soon as get into Summer, I don’t notice any of these things because being outside is like torture. I go from our semi-cool apartment to the car where I blast the A/C on super-max-mighty coldest of colds and back.

The first week of April, my sister came down to visit to celebrate her 16th birthday, March 27th. She has grown up to be a beautiful girl but to be completely honest, we just don’t get along. I don’t if it’s the 11 year age gap or the opposite personalities but whatever it is, that’s a whole other story. We ran around and did a lot of things like had some amazing Thai food, checked out the Hollywood sign, shopped, watched lots of TV (what else do teenagers do?) and other random things. We also got together with our older brother, DJ, in Montana and did some web chatting. It was a long and exhausting week. From there, the rest of the month flew by…

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